We the undersigned are alarmed about the situation in Brgy San Roque, Libertad, Antique and its nearby barangays with DENR’s approval of numerous ECC for the extraction of iron ore and other minerals in the area. San Roque is part of the Northwestern Panay Peninsula Natural Park under Presidential Proclamation 186.

Mining for IRON ORE will:

–involve the clearing of the forest cover causing its displacement and endangering the many species of animals and plants that are scientifically proven to be found only in the NWPP.

–alter the terrain that protects the area from landslides and floods. The damage will be irreparable and will also bring about the loss of life and property to those that live in the affected area.

–generate tailings that are discharged to rivers, streams, and eventually to Pandan Bay. The prevailing currents and tides will spread the pollutants as far south as Culasi and as far west to the fishing grounds of Northeast Palawan, thus endangering the health of hundreds of people and families who depend on fishing for their food and livelihood and those who consume their catch.

–create situations that will bring irreversible damage to the corals and beaches from Libertad to Culasi. This coastline, which has a tremendous tourism potential that could bring economic benefits to the towns and residents, will be destroyed.

–cause more damage than benefits to the communities that are affected by its operation. Those that live closest to the mine have suffered the most and benefited the least.

We appeal for everyone’s support. Affixing your signature (online or on the ground) will help us achieve our goal; and that goal is to make sure the future generations will continue to enjoy the pure and pristine beauty of our hometown. Thank you.


Concerned Citizens of Libertad & Pandan, in Antique province