“Save the Northwest Panay Peninsula” is an alliance of various organizations and individuals with the following goals:

To protect the lives and environment of the people of Pandan and Libertad and their neighboring towns in the Northwest Panay Peninsula from any form of harmful and destructive development and endeavors like mining.

To preserve and conserve the natural resources in the Northwest Panay Peninsula and its declared Natural Park as a protected area under Presidential Proclamation No.186.

To encourage the development of agriculture and ecotourism in Pandan and the neighboring towns and prohibit destructive activities in the area like mining.

To keep the Northwest Panay Peninsula in its natural state of lush vegetation and as a safe and undisturbed habitat for the plants and animals that are unique in the area but are in danger of extinction if not protected.

Sponsoring Organizations

Asian Friendship Society, DB Foundation, Guia Elementary School Mothers Club, International Green Scout Movement, Pagtatap Foundation, Inc., Pagtatap USA, Pandan Antique Foundation, Pandan Bay Institute Alumni Association, Pandan Public School Teachers Association, Philippine Elementary Schools Principals Association-Pandan Chapter, Pandan Parish Social Action Group, Retired Teachers Association, Senior Association of Pandan, Supreme Pupil Government Organization, Youth for Environmental Science Organization

Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park

Northwest Panay Peninsula is considered as one of the remaining significant stretch of low-elevation rain forest in Western Visayas straddling in the municipalities of Pandan and Libertad in the province of Antique, and municipalities of Nabas, Buruanga and Malay in the province of Aklan.

Northwest Panay Peninsula has a higher endemism rate including those listed as endangered species both flora and fauna.

– Floral species – http://www.pandan.gov.ph/files/pdf/table-flora-pandan-antique.pdf
– Faunal species – http://www.pandan.gov.ph/files/pdf/table-fauna-pandan-antique.pdf

Northwest Panay Peninsula has been declared as a natural park under Presidential Proclamation No. 186, and as an additional component to the Natural Integrated and Protected Area System (NIPAS) under the NIPAS Act of 1992 or Republic Act No. 7586.

Northwest Panay Peninsula as an additional component of NIPAS Act of 1992 is part of an area closed to mining applications pursuant to the Philippine Mining Act of 1995 or Republic Act No. 7942 as well as under DENR Administrative Order No. 25, series of 1992.