Letter of Appeal sa Pinalangga namon nga Pandan Mayor Jonathan D. Tan

Note: This letter was written via Facebook Notes, then Mayor Jonathan D. Tan was tagged.

Letter of Appeal sa Pinalangga namon nga Pandan Mayor Jonathan D. Tan

by Sofie Hofmann on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 at 2:49pm

Pinalangga namon nga Mayor Tan,

Mayad nga adlaw kanimo!

You are right, there is indeed no mining in Pandan, Antique. There is no mining YET. There is none operating AT THE MOMENT but we have received disturbing information that some companies are planning to mine in Pandan and Libertad especially upon reading that the Philippine government resumed in processing mining applications.

Link: http://www.mb.com.ph/articles/334387/govt-resuming-mining-application-processing

Link: http://mgb.gov.ph/Files/MTMD/Applications/R6_MTSR_July_%202011.pdf

But then, despite the moratorium and suspension of acceptance of all types of mining applications, “pending mining applications will continue to be processed, and existing mining tenements remain valid and in effect”.

Link: http://indigenouspeoplesissues.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=9208:philippines-denr-suspends-acceptance-of-all-types-of-mining-applications&catid=62:southeast-asia-indigenous-peoples&Itemid=84

Link: http://indigenouspeoplesissues.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8893:philippines-moratorium-on-mining-applications-pagtutuwid-ng-daan-para-sa-minahan&catid=62:southeast-asia-indigenous-peoples&Itemid=84

I asked you a while ago if there are mining companies applying for Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) to mine in Libertad and Pandan but as you have not replied yet, I decided to write you via your wall to ask for an appeal.

The municipalities of Pandan and Libertad are part of the Northwest Panay Peninsula which has been declared as a natural park, Proclamation No. 186, and a protected area pursuant to Republic Act No. 7586 or NIPAS Act of 1992.

Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park is part of an area closed to mining applications pursuant to Republic Act 7942 or Mining Act of 1995.

The issue about mining in Pandan and Libertad is actually not new to me. Two years ago, when you were not a mayor yet, someone already wrote to me about this issue but I told the person that people in Pandan were not asking for our help yet, so the plan was probably not pursued.

A few months ago, another person wrote to me regarding this issue but I told the person that we should not do anything yet as the people in Pandan were not asking our help yet which means that the planned mining was probably not pursued.

But this time, it is different. The people of Pandan are talking about the planned mining operations and especially asked other Pandananons residing outside Pandan for support including me.

Please do not take the petition against the planned mining operations that it is against you because I do not take it against you.

It is normal that the petition will be addressed to you because you are the mayor of Pandan, Antique. The petition will not only be addressed to you but also to other leaders in the province of Antique that are somehow will be directly involved in this issue.

We will address the petition letters to you because we would like to ask your office for an appeal to help us in opposing the mining companies in their planned mining operations in Pandan and Libertad.

I believe that the people in the barangays which will be directly affected by the mining operations are not sure who are they supposed to ask for help in opposing the planned mining operations so they ask the help of non-government organizations.

With your help, the planned mining operations will not be possible just like what happened in Sibuyan Island in Romblon when the Department of Environment and Natural Resources cancelled the permit of the mining corporation to explore resources in the island after the town mayor warned that it would disrupt the island’s biodiversity and livelihood.

Link: http://business.inquirer.net/20313/gov’t-cancels-sibuyan-mine-permit

In this connection, please expect a lot of letters of petition to come your way asking for an appeal to oppose the planned mining operations.

Together, we stand! Let us oppose the planned mining operations in Pandan and Libertad!


Kruhay Pandan!

Banwa Ko! Palangga Ko!

Banwa Natun! Palanggaon Natun!

Sincerely yours,