Letter of Appeal to the Congressman

Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2011
Subject: Your email to the Office of Rep. Javier, Paolo S.

HREP Website Visitor: Mining

Dear Congressman,

I am a native of Pandan, Antique and resides here in San Diego County of California. Like many balikbayans, I always look forward to coming home to my hometown Pandan. Along with hundred of the local residents in Pandan and the neighboring town of Libertad, we strongly OPPOSED the mining in those places. The negative impact on the environment of mining outweighs more than the promised jobs to the local residents which I believed are on short term basis only. There are many ways in creating and generating jobs other than mining. We should promote tourism instead, and not allow some few special interest group of business people to ruin our place. Mining creates pollution. The debris originating from mining also create a healthy hazards to the local residents and the agricultural land will be affected as well.
Help us protect and keep the natural beauty of the many town in the province of Antique which we greatly enjoy and appreciate especially in our town Pandan.

My question is: Just who really BENEFIT the MOST from this mining?

Yours truly,
Helen Candari
President, Pagtatap USA